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See [2]. Certain older models are not upgradeable. See the apcupsd manual[3] for information on setting up apcupsd. This is useful in order to "lock" apcupsd to a specific UPS if you have more than one connected to the server. Documentation includes information on how to hook them in. Same feature set as apctray on Windows monitor multiple instances, get detailed status and events logs. Popup notifications delivered via Growl, if available. Includes many visual and usability improvements to match OS X version.

Tested on QNX 6. This complements existing hibernate aka killpower functionality.

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See ChangeLog for details. There is little reason for it since apctest is a command-line tool, not a daemon. Plus nothing ever deletes the file so it interferes with apcupsd operation. Improvements include reliable dependencies, support for parallel make, elimination of Makefile.

apc powerchute personal edition

The configure script checks for this and tells you how to invokve it on some platforms it is 'gmake' instead of 'make'. The version previously included in apcupsd was old and likely had security issues. It is safer to use libgd from the target system. Therefore, your system must provide libgd if you choose to build cgi now. Generally this is easy to achieve by installing a vendor-supplied package.

At this point the maintenance burden of keeping NLS support building was deemed too high considering the small benefit it was able to provide. It has been broken for the last several releases because it relied on an untrushworthy source of UPS status rawupsstats which was itself removed. Powerflute could be converted to use the standard NIS status mechanism and its source code remains in the tree in case someone has the desire to contribute this code.

APC PowerChute

This directive specifies the number of seconds to delay between polling the UPS for status. Reported by Kirill S. For some reason this blatantly incorrect file actually works on RHEL5 hal Debian is now using the standard NIS port, The file is automatically removed when apcupsd is uninstalled. Vista does not allow background services to interact with the user's desktop, so winapcupsd's built-in tray icon did not work.

Any Apcupsd running NIS can be monitored. By default the icon monitors a single apcupsd at See command line options below for adding additional monitors. If no instances in reg, start a default instance monitoring the local machine The code is cleaner mostly and lots of unused baggage has been removed. This fix carries a risk of breaking other models, but test results are positive so far. The SNMP card appears to disrupt serial comms for several seconds when interesting events are in progress. Update Windows section for apctray. Bug manifestied itself in apctray with multiple monitors occasionally and timing-dependently pointing to the wrong UPS.

Problem fixed by Patrick Frei.

Software / Firmware

Hegnauer elektrobit. Our previous unit was 9 years old and only replaced the batteries once. It was time for the batteries to be replaced again so I took advantage of the exchange program to get a new unit. The whole process was painless and worked perfectly. We needed to replace a very old failing unit but as a non-profit we could not afford a top-of-the-line solution.

This unit was cost-effective and is performing superbly. That, as well as the quality of the products, keeps us coming back. No issues after a year of use. This UPS is running a very power hungry sever without any incident of down time. Good product for the money, the front display is very handy to judge load and remaining run time. When I buy a product such as a UPS, I'm basically deciding whether a higher price is worth it based on the company's reputation and my prior experience.

That was the choice I faced when my over 10 year old UPS finally died recently. I bought this unit rather than a competitor's unit because I did not want to take a chance on another company I had no experience with. A few extra dollars for a UPS was worth it compared to the cost of replacing all the gear it's protecting. But it was a close decision because of the price differential between this unit and a similar one from a competitor. At fitst I could not program it to do what I need, but APC support was very helpful and solved the problem. BUT: 1.

Installing PowerChute Business Edition Agent on Windows - Schneider Electric Support

APC recommended that I replace the old unit with one that is twice as large, which I do not need and did not buy. This leaves me stuck with those batteries and no good way to dispose of them. After wading through the plethora of UPS options for a desktop, I decided to go with this unit to replace an almost identical VA that died. That unit worked great, but had many problems interfacing with Mountain Lion on a Mac. I was assured this unit works fine. It does not.

It does not show up in the System Preferences.

UPS Software for Mac - Apple Community

I've done the Mountain Lion update twice , repaired permissions, and all other system utilities. Nothing wrong with my hard drive or my system, yet the unit does not show up. So the shutdown features are no longer available, and no Knowledge Base articles or tech support for fixing this issue. The unit is probably 5 stars, as was the previous. The 3 stars is for the total lack of Macintosh support by APC.

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