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  4. How do I get my ps3 controller to work with my PCSXR on Mac?

Emulation is patchy at best, and speaking from experience often the best way to try and fix these pesky bugs is to experiment.

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Unfortunately it just sounds like a case of bad emulation. It might be worth looking up the game in question e.

This wont work for me. Why go through all this hoops and install a flawed old version. I don't buy that I'm afraid, especially with Virtual Box. Maybe if you were using Parallels or another VM package that has semi-decent 3D support, but you're way more likely to encounter graphical problems, glitches, missing textures and such using Windows 7 on Virtual Box with experimental 3D support. Please help, when i try and locate the directory of the bios file, it is faded and i cant click on it. What might be causing this?

I'm sorry but I don't know, I haven't had that problem. Have you restarted and tried multiple times? In modern consoles the BIOS is required to run any games, and often dictates the region - i. By changing the BIOS file you can effectively change the version and region of the console.

How to use a PS3 controller on Mac OS X (Lion) · GitHub

How do I get the bios? Also, I have a couple games I would like to try, can I just put them in my Mac or do I have to copy them first? If so, how? Are there more detailed directions on how to do everything needed? Previously tried to run pcsx2 and had some problems. I have both now. I came across your tutorial and for some reason it's the only one that works. Perhaps I was downloading an incorrect version of pcsx2 it came in a disc image with a Libraries. I am having some problems though. I can't get the graphics to be smooth, and the menus are "doubled" or blurry almost.

The sound is also a bit behind.

PCSX-R Troubleshooting & Roms

It seems as if that last glossy layer of the game is missing or something. Also, I made it just past the intro of FFX, entered the second screen, and my controls stopped working I use the keyboard. I also read in the comments that I shouldn't need XQuartz, but when I open pcsx2, it automatically runs as if it's through XQuartz. Do you have any insight? Could it be a bad ISO? It had me worried for a while too: before I went into the sound config I wasn't getting any sound. For some reason the default setting was Mute. Before You do of course need the CG Toolkit too, for all versions.

The problems you describe sound like typical emulation issues, and I've experienced plenty myself on various platforms in the past.

Pcsx mac ps3 controller plugin

Have you tried many more games? Have you tried messing with graphics settings or looking for special fixes in the advanced settings? I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to suggest, other than trying other games or considering the fact that your hardware might not be PCSX2-friendly. I'd try a few more games perhaps FF7?

The fact that you can get it to run at all is a good start, remember that! It's slightly outdated, but not in your case as you're still on Are you running Lion? If you are running an earlier version make sure you have XQuartz downloaded and the correct version of the emulator for your OS.

I haven't tested this in Mountain Lion yet, so if you're running I can't really offer too much more in the way of help, with no way of reproducing the error it could be anything. Every time I try to run the Bios no disk to test, I get this error. Error Code: -1" I downloaded the cG toolkit and am on Lion. Download ZIP. Reset PS3 controller by inserting paperclip into pinhole near L2 button. Enable Bluetooth. Press "PS" button for seconds until the red lights flash.

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Unplug USB cable. Disable Bluetooth. Wait a second. Wait another second. The controller will now appear connected in the list and can be used in applications. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply. I assume you'll have to redo this each time after using it on the PS3? What may have helped was that I did at some point reset it. Pretty sleek.

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It really helped. Thank you, it's working! One note. After reviewing the policy we believe this is an error and are trying to work with them to resolve this issue.

In any case, we want to thank all users for their support, ePSXe would not be possible without you. Regards, ePSXe Team. Please stay tuned, we will inform you as soon as we get an update. You can find it in the downloads section. The changes are: - Updated the core to the version 2. The changes are: - Updated the x86 recompiler to use the same recompiler than in the rest of versions Android, Linux x64, Mac Now it should be easier to fix problems in all versions. This version is compatible using local netplay with the rest of ePSXe versions from the version 2.

This option is better when the CPU is slower. Besides when using a gamepad in digital mode, now you can use the left stick as the dpad. You can find it in the downloads section how to install below. First release for MacOSX using the 2. There are 2 packs for MacOSX. Follow the next steps depending on your selection A No UI version.

How do I get my ps3 controller to work with my PCSXR on Mac?

It is recommended to copy your PS1 bios scph B UI version Gtk3. So it is recommended to use HomeBrew to install. Updated to 2. Updated the UI to gtk3. If the version 2. It fixes a bug reading the cpu overclock data from the register, and the config gpu in Russian language. In the first place, this version includes some important changes to improve the accuracy, sadly it could breaks games, if you find that a broken game on this version please report to epsxepc gmail.

Other languages could be added in a future version. It should run again some games broken on interpreter cpu mode on the v2. Fixed loading savestates from the UI in interpreter mode.

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