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Free Franklin Gothic Book Font Download

The goal of this issue is to come up with a typeface that is open licensed. The logo symbol can be used independently of the logo type just like most other brands. I think we should communicate that in a better way. Just saying. The alternate Besom you came up with isn't consistent. Letters are stacked in Css and not Post.

Even then it doesn't seem to hold it's own in that orientation. Yeap, we can always use Source Sans Pro. But first I want to test that fonts too.

Franklin Gothic, Medium, Bold Fonts

I think we have day our two. I will review them tomorrow after a sleep. Maybe try a lighter black, or darker red? Last mockup for the home page uses it. What about the text in black? It would make things easier and fit better how it looks now on github. It looks soo close to Ubuntu. Same feelings, but more standard. Caesar doesn't fit at all IMO. I think serif has more connection to the logo. I still think there should not be just one font.

We could choose one for easier distribution but we shouldn't be very sensitive about it. That's why I think it should be set in all black. Should in horizontal logotype font letters have same lines weight as in logo? What serif font do you prefer? Becuase we have no ideal font and anyway it is just a recommendation, I will finish this task with picking one font on my taste sometimes any solution is better than spending time in choicing :.

Oops, sorry jonathantneal I mean a stephenway.

Add fonts to a Web Project

Ignore Learn more. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link Quote reply. Missing fonts This comment has been minimized.

Sign in to view. The logo does not use this font as a web font. Could you explain what the use case is? We will use this font as web font in postcss. Contributor Author. Should we look for Google Fonts alternatives before we pay for a license? So seems like we need to change a font. It looks like very similar. So nice! Ubuntu Being in red, it reminds me a lot of Ubuntu though. When I opened Google Font last time it was much smaller :.

Really big choice. I agree, that we shouldn't force only one font. I always prefer common sense rather than rules. It is only for cases, when user just out of box solution. Yes better docs are coming. Mockup 4. Here is a nice example of some "alchemic" script:. But I agree that readability is an issue here.

Franklin Gothic Std Book

I can't read any of that. I didn't touch CSS since I don't have the font. Was just an idea. Yeah, no rush.

Franklin Gothic Medium

Franklin Gothic has been used in many advertisements and headlines in newspapers. The typeface continues to maintain a high profile, appearing in a variety of media from books to billboards. Despite a period of eclipse in the s, after the introduction of European faces like Kabel and Futura , they were re-discovered by American designers in the s and have remained popular ever since.

Benton's Franklin Gothic family is a set of solid designs, particularly suitable for display and trade use such as headlines rather than for extended text. Many versions and adaptations have been made since. It is in part bundled with Microsoft Windows. Franklin Gothic itself is an extra-bold sans-serif type. It draws upon earlier, nineteenth century models, from many of the twenty-three foundries consolidated into American Type Founders in The faces were issued over a period of ten years, all of which were designed by Benton and issued by A.

It can be distinguished from other sans serif typefaces by its more traditional double-storey a and especially g double-storey g s, common in serif fonts, are rare in sans-serif fonts following German models, but were quite common in American and British designs of the period , the tail of the Q and the ear of the g. The tail of the Q curls down from the bottom center of the letterform in the book weight and shifts slightly to the right in the bolder fonts.

The Ludlow version was known as Square Gothic Heavy. Due to the post-war popularity of Gothic faces, most producers of cold type offered their own versions of Franklin Gothic. These included: [8]. While ITC Franklin Gothic is the most common release, it has been criticised for modifying the structure of the family considerably.

Calligrapher and design historian Paul Shaw argued that it was a failure for "mucking about with the distinctive Franklin Gothic g. Alternate Gothic was designed by M. Benton for A.

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It is essentially a moderately bold condensed version of Franklin Gothic, made in three numbered widths. Two variants were made:. Alternate Gothic was copied by Compugraphic as Alpin Gothic. Both No. Monotone Gothic was designed by M. It is essentially a lighter, more extended version of Franklin Gothic. Only one weight was made and it was apparently never copied under that name by any other foundry. Digital versions of Franklin Gothic Light Extended are essentially knock-offs of this face. News Gothic was designed by M. It is essentially a medium weight companion to Franklin Gothic.

As with Franklin Gothic , the foundry expanded the line sometime later, adding two more variants:. Lightline Gothic was designed by M. Digital versions of Franklin Gothic Ultra-Light are essentially knock-offs of this face.