Logiciel changement dadresse ip mac


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GetAllNetworkInterfaces [0]. ToString I just noticed that both of these clients are located in Canada.

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Chuck Chuck 88 2 2 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Do they run it on a real hardware? If they change their MAC Adresse it's quite strange since servers usually!

Download Android Studio and SDK tools | Android Studio | Android Developers

For your info How to detect the original MAC address after it has been spoofed? John Castleman John Castleman 1, 8 8 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. I emailed the user and asked if they are running this.

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That's good, but going forward, you should probably account for virtualization in your security strategy They aren't running a VM. Regarding the 'ripping off' comment, I put into my software a form that allows them to de-activate the software on one machine, so that it can be activated again on another machine.

My gateway still enforces the concept that a given activation key can only be active on one machine at a time. This was to prevent someone from sending out their PIN and 'ripping me off'. Since they have the ability to move from machine to machine, the problem they are reporting is moot, since they are allowed to do that. I had that scenario planned form the start Chuck sorry I couldn't be of more help - the VM thing is pretty much all I had.

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    Changer son Adresse MAC / Adresse Physique┃Supprimer ses restrictions horaires internet┃Windows - FR

    I guess I wasn't clear. I wanted to know how is it possible to change the MAC address and not the actual procedure. Well, Manish, you kind of fooled all of us with that title Also see superuser. You can do this quite easily in Windows for most if not all network cards.


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    Paxxi Paxxi 6, 1 1 gold badge 17 17 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges. Molly, I wonder if the Registry indeed works for all network adapters? I would expect but I am no expert that the adapter's driver must provide some means to change it. If it doesn't: no luck with any method. If it does, then why wouldn't Windows provide an input field in its device manager? The visual version of this answer is at superuser.

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    Molly Molly If you post your OS, you can get an exact answer on how to do it.