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Anyway, that must of been awful, Silver Spoon! Is there something you did or didn't do so that made the antics like you more? Diamond doesn't want to marry a crazy old dragon-thing. And "antics" are amusing activities. Good one, Twist! Do you want to be our official spell checker? Um, if it's okay with Diamond Anyway, I think the antiques liked me because I know so much about them. My parents just oversee the museums and auctions and hire other ponies to appraise their things.

Oh, don't tell that story. Because I'm not ready to tell two strangers from another planet about it! They'd just laugh at me anyway! I've had enough of that. Calm down, Diamond, it's okay! We don't have to answer every question. Again, Diamond, you misunderstand what I'm saying. I'm not saying you like Discord Like that, I'm saying maybe Discord does for you. Also, how can you overthrow somepony, or something in Discord's case, when that somepony is a king and you are just a princess?

Well, that's the only mysterious part. The rest is, like, simple.

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A double hoof bump and then we do the the back part too. It works even better now 'cause it shows off our cutie marks. Sorry, Big McIntosh.

Mlp big mac rule 34 -

We don't really hang out with them at all. They're probably out doing something crazy to try and get their cutie marks. And that will take forever the way they're doing it. They can't stop and explore what they're good at, they have to try everything. It's so immature. Ponies don't really look at that stuff too hard. First you're a foal, then you're a filly with a cutie mark I know, Silver Spoon.

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I just talked about her to drive Apple Bloom crazy. You could have been a bigger help with that, by the way. If you weren't busy clapping your hooves off Why does it always have to be about making fun of someone?! I got a voodoo doll of you in one hand, and a needle in another. Never mind that, Diamond, I'm talking to you! I bet you You know what I'll do? I'll go find one of the blank flanks right now!

Right behind you. I don't think you could even say "how are you" without sounding mean. Oh, put a hoof in it.


If I'm going to suffer this much for 50 bits you could at least be a little supportive. I will! So which one are we visiting? The farmer one, the sissy one or the one with the scooter? Cause I'm not walking all the way to Manehattan to find the traitor. It's not like we've done this before. Um, what do you guys think? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Yeah, that would be lame. Who needs that? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. December 17, I get what your saying. So if you could have siblings would you rather have brothers or sisters? Plus, can you imagine sharing your room?! Not going to happen. Sliver Spoon, you don't have to anwser sence I already asked you. December 18, Any pony special in mind? I just didn't think that question was important so-- Anyway, who's there to pick from in this one-horse town? What are your thoughts on rule 34 between you two? If you don't know what rule 34 is, look it up.

You would? Are you serious?! December 19, I've heard rumors that you guys have a crush on Big Mac. Is this true? I didn't ask which one you liked. Let me explain it better. That big sweaty stallion who just says 'yup? Who's Sliver? It's okay, Diamond. He doesn't understand. Just because I say what I think-- Just let it go. Save it for the blank flanks. So am I really pretty? December 20, I thought all the top class mares in Pony Ville were into him.

My mistake. So, ever been to Manehatten? I always thought Spoon was more of a last name. To me, you are very pretty, Silver Spoon. Yeah, yeah. Just don't get mushy again. December 24, Sounds like you like living in Pony Ville rather than a big city. What do you like most about the town? Was there anything either one of you two liked when Discord was freed?

If so, what did you like most? Because-- Discord made me a Princess of o!!! Plus it only lasted an hour. I didn't think that wath very funny. Hi, Twist! Hey, don't tell them that! Why not? My parents told me you humans were creepy, but wow. Actually he's a chimera I would have overthrown him anyway.

Just don't spray any of your comments my way. Howdy, girls. Have you two seen Apple Bloom or her friends? December 27, Ah come on. I think it's cute. Is it really that big of a secret? Especially the "sugar lump" thing. Oh, Diamond, you don't weigh that much anymore. Now stop talking! My life is so over December 30, We're just fillies, I guess. First you're a foal, then you're a filly with a cutie mark-- MOST of us. Then you're a mare for the rest of your life. Or later. Like Granny Smith.

Mlp big mac rule 34

Hey, she was nice. And her story was really cool. If you weren't busy clapping your hooves off-- Diamond! January 2, You best not make Silver Spoon angry, Diamond Tiara! Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Miss Cheerilee

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